Jellydata — Not Another Web Analytics Tool

Jelly Data
1 min readMar 7, 2021

We agree that privacy and simplicity are an absolute prerequisite and all Web Analytics Solutions must be built on these. And this is obviously the case for Jellydata.

But it is not enough, Web Analytics need to be useful, not a mere report (aka data puke) system showing some Vanity Metrics.

Everything should be made simple as possible, but no simpler

We do not want to use simplicity as a lazy excuse to build a useless solution for our users, what we want to achieve with Jellydata is a Smart Web Analytics solution that helps you analysing your data and take actions thanks to insights and recommendations.

We know this is much more complex than building a simple Web Analytics dashboard. But it is so much more useful and rewarding.
Following this short introduction we will publish a series of posts explaining what our vision is and how to plan on achieving it, so stay tuned!

We are currently in private beta. If what we want to achieve resonates with you and you want to be part of the beta, get in touch through our website or drop us a line at



Jelly Data

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